ASEA Redox Supplement / Beverage (1 x 960ml)


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As we age and as stress and environmental toxins inundate our lives and weaken our defences, normal cellular function declines and with it the body's ability to produce and maintain proper balance of Redox Signalling Molecules - this is a first of its kind cutting edge health breakthrough.

At first the liquid may taste quite salty - this is normal. Drink 30 - 60ml twice per day. Hold it in your mouth for a few moments to assist with any gum or bacteria issues, then just swallow the liquid - it really is that easy. Results for many customers can be seen within a few days, but it can take up to 120 days for the body's red blood cells to completely renew.


ASEA has developed a unique breakthrough product technology that has been scientifically tested and shown to signal the activation of genetic pathways or affect genes that may:

  • Improve immune system health
  • Help maintain a healthy inflammatory response
  • Improve gut health and digestive enzyme production
  • Modulate hormone balance to support vitality and wellness


ASEA REDOX is the first and only supplement on the market that contains active Redox Signalling Molecules, powerful cellular messengers that help protect, rejuvenate, and restore cells. These molecules, native to the human body, are created through a ground-breaking, patented process that reorganises molecules of natural salt and purified water into Redox Signalling Molecules.


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