Inverted Umbrella Manual Open & Close Pink Flower

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No more getting saturated as you close your umbrella while getting into your car!! This brilliantly designed and engineered umbrella closes "outwards" and allows easy closure and access into your car ... just watch the video showing how simple and easy this process can now be!! 

At any time of year this makes an excellent gift for workmates, family or friends. 

UNIQUE DOUBLE LAYER & REVERSE FOLDING DESIGN: Innovative design with a double layer and reverse opening and folding feature, our inverted umbrella prevents water from dripping onto your floors, your car or other belongings and keeps everything nice and dry. The outside wet layer neatly folds into the dry underneath layer effectively holding the excess raindrops

COMFORTABLE C-HANDLE FOR HANDS FREE USE: The durable C-Shaped handle of this reversible umbrella has been specifically designed for comfortable hands-free use. Simply hang it over your arm or wrist and your hands will be free to use your mobile, handbag or shopping bag with ease while remaining out of the rain

PERFECT FOR SUNNY & RAINY WEATHER: Our umbrella is perfect for opening and closing in a confined space or in a tight door angle. You can get into or out of your car without getting soaked! And while it's the perfect umbrella to shield you from rain, you can also use it for sun protection. The ventilation between the double layers of fabric produces a significant noticeable temperature drop when under the shade of this umbrella

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - WINDPROOF: Constructed using premium quality materials with a durable skeleton, 8 x double layer polyester fibre ribs and strong 190T pongee cloth, our upside down umbrella is very sturdy. You will keep it for years as the strength of its engineering and construction guarantees longevity and an enhanced windproof effect

EASILY PORTABLE AND STORABLE: Weighing just over 500 grams it is easy for anyone to carry. When not in use, our inside-out umbrella can stand on its own without you having to prop it somewhere to dry, as the wet side of the umbrella remains inside once you close it

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