Smart Wallet leather RFID protected - Humerpaul Brand

$50 $80

Genuine leather wallet with RFID protection.

SMART FEATURES: Use your phone to locate your misplaced wallet! Use your wallet to locate your misplaced phone!! Move more than 10 metres away from your wallet and it will alert your phone, or if you leave your phone in the car when you go into the shops ... your wallet will beep and flash to let you know you've left your phone behind! How good is that!!??

PLUS: You can also GPS track your wallet if you lose it ... you can use your wallet to take photos from your phone (phonting) and you can even use your wallet to record voice memos! Up to 3 days full usage before wallet needs recharging. Bseek app is a free download for both iPhones and Androids.

PRIVACY, SECURITY, SAFETY: Huge amounts of information can be stored electronically on credit, debit and membership cards which we carry every day. Our wallets incorporate RFID blocking which protects you from skimmers or unauthorized scanners that may attempt to steal your card and/or passport details. This gives you the confidence that your financial, identity and personal details are safe and secure

 MADE FROM GENUINE LEATHER: Our luxurious leathers have excellent longevity and high tensile strength and resistance to tearing, flexing and abrasion. Small variations in colour, shade or texture are a characteristic of genuine leather and add to the unique product experience. Our product is totally different to Faux Leather or PU leather which is a polyurethane coating on a very thin layer of leather

LARGE CAPACITY: Comfortably and easily holds at least 12 cards with 3 photographic ID slots plus 1 x zippered pocket for coins (or more cards). One large horizontal pocket for bank notes plus 6 other vertical pockets / compartments for business cards or whatever else you might choose to carry in your wallet. Not too big … only 5 x 4.25 inches or 125mm x 100mm ... great for guys who wear cargo pants with leg pockets and ladies can carry it in their handbags too!!

GIFT BOXED, QUALITY: Ease of colour choice with classic brown the only colour still available. Elegant gift boxing makes it an ideal gift for Xmas, birthdays and special friends or occasions, Mothers’ Day or Fathers' Day. We also use quality zippers which open and close smoothly.


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