3007 Wetpack / Travel Bag Crazyhorse Cowhide Leather Coffee

$100 $250

Genuine Crazyhorse Cowhide Leather Wetpack / Travel bag comes with 3 zippered compartments and 2 mesh pockets. The main compartment in the middle will hold larger items like shampoo, conditioner etcetera and the two "side" pockets are ideal for smaller items like toothbrushes, makeup brushes, nail files, razors and the like. This bag is fully lined and can comfortably hold your travel cosmetics, toiletries and shaving gear. Dimensions: approximately 29cm / 11.5” long, 15cm / 6” wide and 11.5cm / 4.5" deep

Qualities and benefits:

GENUINE LEATHER: Our product is totally different to Faux Leather or PU leather which is a polyurethane coating on a very thin layer of leather. This particular bag is made from Crazyhorse leather which is a cowhide leather that is thick and durable and made to last!! It's meant to look "rough" and show stress marks ... but it's still a beautiful feel of leather. Many people love the aroma of leather but some people do not. If you do, you can retain the aroma longer by leaving the bag “wrapped” in its packaging while not in use. If you don’t, the aroma will dissipate over time as the product is exposed to fresh air

VERSATILITY: Suitable for casual use, travel or business. An excellent gift for family or friends


The colour of the product you physically receive may be slightly different to that which you see on this page. This can be due to variations during the leather manufacturing processes as well as the brightness and/or resolution of the computer / phone / browser which you are using to view this site


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