Hand Sanitiser Holder

$20 $40

Kangaroo Leather hand sanitiser holder.  Hand-made here in Australia, comes complete with a personal sized bottle of hand sanitiser and designed to hang from your backpack, your handbag, your belt or belt loop using the carabiner provided!! The bottle can be replaced or refilled when empty ... and you could use it for sunscreen if you choose to.

MADE FROM GENUINE LEATHER: Kangaroo leather is a durable and soft leather and one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable leathers available. Our product is totally different to Faux Leather or PU leather which is a polyurethane coating on a very thin layer of leather

QUALITY: Lots of colours available ... send me an email if you want a specific colour or I'll send you one from our frequently changing stock range. Ideal gift for Xmas, birthdays and special friends or occasions, Mothers’ Day or Fathers' Day or just because you need one


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