M01-1 Manicure Set / Pedicure Kit / Facial Care Kit

$35 $75

Expect to pay $75 or more in retail stores!!

This 26 piece quality set of stainless steel manicure / pedicure / facial tools contains everything you could want to groom your fingers, toes and/or face. Great for day to day usage, whilst travelling or as a gift for someone you love.

Dimensions (closed): approx 12cm / 4.75” wide, 16cm / 6.25” high, 3cm / 1.25" deep

Dimensions (opened): approx 24cm / 9.5” wide, 16cm / 6.25” high, 1.5cm / 0.6" deep



The colour of the product you physically receive may be slightly different to that which you see on this page. This can be due to variations during the leather manufacturing processes as well as the brightness and/or resolution of the computer / phone / browser which you are using to view this site

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